Firingan Calligraphy

My name is Borghild Telnes, and I have been running Firingan Calligraphy since 1998. My

Workshop is situated on my farm, Firingan, at Garvikstrondi by the Seljord Lake in Telemark,

13 km from Seljord and 18 km from Bø.

I work primarily with calligraphy, but frequently combine this with various printing techniques, such as etching, wood engraving, monotype and linocut. Most of my major works are made on commission. These may be prose texts, poems, words of wisdom etc., usually in combination with various forms of ornamentation. In my work I often combine different materials, such as paper, textiles and vellum. I also produce diplomas, handprinted cards (minigraphics) and books written in calligraphy, in collaboration with a book binder. I also offer courses in calligraphy for beginners and the more advanced.

Borghild Telnes – CV

Born 21 June 1961

Address: Firingan, Garvikstrondi 827, 3840 Seljord, Norway

Tel: 0047 - 35 05 29 20; mob.: 0047 - 48 03 00 97


Education and courses

2008Courses with the calligraphers Jean Lacher and Ewan Clayton

2005 Course in experimental gilding with Denis Brown

Wood engraving course with Sarah van Niekerk, Yorkshire Dales Workshop

Letterpress printing course with Libanus Press, Marlborough

2004Course in medieval miniatures with Helene Jenssen

Calligraphy course with Christopher Haanes

2002Calligraphy Symposium, University of Sunderland, with Thomas Ingram and Ann Hechle

2001Completed correspondence calligraphy course at Roehampton Institute,

Digby Stuart College, London. Instructor: Margaret Daubney

2000 Course in embossing [??] with designer and calligrapher Herborg Kvernland

1999 Course i etching, Norske grafikeres verksted, Oslo

Calligraphy course with Jean Lacher, Utstein kloster, Norway

1989–90School for Graphic Design, Oslo (not completed)

1986–88Three courses in various printing techniques, Printmaker's Cooperative, Oxford

1983–84 Einar Granum's School for Drawing and Painting, Oslo

1981–82History of Art (90 ECTS), University of Oslo

1980Examen Philosophicum (30 ECTS), University of Oslo

Work experience

1998– presentRunning my own workshop, Firingan Kalligrafi, Seljord, Norway (independent

production and commissions)

2000–2010Responsible for Husflidsutstillinga Dyrsku'n, Seljord, Norway (major annual

handcrafts exhibition)

2005–2010Various calligraphy and papermaking courses at Raulandsakademiet,

Telemark, Norway

1999Organised Scandinavian calligraphy exhibition at Seljord Art Association's

Summer Exhibition


2010 International Calligraphy Exhibition, Novgorod, Russia

2009 Solo-exhibition of Hans Børli poems in Kunstkroken Galleri, Skotterud

Library, Norway

"Art in a House of Glass", in the greehouse at Ulefos Manor, Norway

Represented at the Vinje Exhibition, the summer exhibition at Bø Old

Parsonage, Cudrios in Langesund, and Galleri Nyhus, Gvarv

2008 International Calligraphy Exhibition, St. Petersburg, Russia, 15–21 September.

The exhibition later moved to Moskow

Christmas exhibitions at Galleri Nyhus, and Galleri Andre Høgdi

Represented at the "Art for Use" exhibition in Rådhusgalleriet, Oslo

Summer exhibitions at Vinje and Bø Old Parsonage

2007 Fagernes Art Association, spring exhibition

Øyfjell Museum, summer exhibition

Exhibition in Vinje to celebrate the Halldis Moren Vesaas anniversary

Galleri Nyhus, with the painter Arnt Darrud

2006 Avistegnernes hus, Drøbak

Hans Børli exhibition with papermaker Else Ljungstrøm

Galleri Dåm, Rauland

Galleri AndreHøgdi, Seljord

2005 Solo-exhibition, "Twelve Texts from Taize", Korsvei, Seljord

Christmas Market, Dyrskuplassen, Seljord

2002 Solo-exhibition, "Rit", texts by Olav H. Hauge, with papermaker Else Ljungstrøm, Fotland Mølle, Bryne

2001 Stjørdal Art Association, summer exhibition

Stein Kåre Nygård's autumn exhibition, Sykkylven

Kanalatelieret, Ulefoss, Christmas exhibition

2000 Seljord Art Association, Christmas Exhibition


2009–2010 Represented at International Museum of Calligraphy, Moscow, Russia

2000–2010 A series of commissions: awards, diplomas etc.

2006 Cow Parade: decoration of the Dyrsku Cow

2002 Designed and calligraphied the epic poem "Et sognebud" by M.B. Landstad

published by Landstadinstituttet, Seljord

1985 Calligraphied the text for the de luxe edition of Jørund Telnes's cycle of poems, Guro Heddeli, illustrated by Harald Kihle

Memberships etc.

SKRIFT, association for letter art (Norway)

Kalligrafisk klubb, Norway


2008-2011: chairman of Seljord Art Association

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